How we can help you

If selling products and services is how you make your money, it’s worth getting it right. We have plenty of experience advising on commercial strategy and on streamlining your sales process, especially the legal aspects of it, to improve the customer experience and to close deals faster. For larger customers, we can help you negotiate agreements to sell products to high street brand names, as well as to major online vendors. We can also provide clear and simple agreements for selling products or services to customers through your own website.

We are used to resolving tricky and tense situations, and finding solutions to problems which enable all parties to meet their commercial requirements, leading to strong, long term relationships.

Getting to market

We can advise you on how best to get your product to market, and prepare distribution agreements for you, along with any rebating and discounting agreements. We’ll help you avoid problems from a competition law perspective.

Streamlining your sales process

Do you want to move away from a clunky, email-based (or even paper-based) sales process? We will help you rethink your current approach and move to a more customer-friendly and streamlined process, whether that's an online contract signature system, a "click to order" web-based approach or something completely different.


If you are planning on selling to customers via your website, we can help you ensure that you comply with the various consumer protection laws, as well as setting out an agreement which is clear and readable.

Writing your contracts

You’ll probably want a written contract to document your relationship with your buyers, and we can put together an appropriate agreement to cover what you have agreed.

Not sure what to agree? Not a problem — we can help you work out an arrangement which will suit your business needs and document it for you.

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