Yes. Sextech.

You're probably reading this for one of two reasons.

Perhaps you run a company developing sextech, and want a hand tackling the various legal issues you and your business face, from someone used to helping businesses in a pragmatic, risk-aware manner. If so, we're one of the few (perhaps only?) law firms thinking about the issues and offering advice to sextech companies.

Or perhaps you saw the link and thought "really — a law firm that does that?" and wanted to see what it was all about. If that's the case, why not check out Neil's article on legal issues and sextech, published by the Society for Computers and Law?


If your sextech collects data, you must ensure that you meet — and probably exceed — your users' expectations of privacy. Getting this wrong could have serious repercussions.

We can help you understand your legal obligations, which form the minimum standard you will want to meet. We will assess the privacy risks and make suggestions as to how you can minimise these and protect your users' privacy and still deliver a fantastic device.

Once you have a plan for handling any personal data, we can draw up a suitable privacy policy for you, so that your users know exactly what you are going to be doing with their data. There are bits and pieces you are required to include here, but we'll make sure it doesn't read like it's written for lawyers to read. We can help with traditional privacy policies but we've also got plenty of ideas about how you might communicate more effectively than just a page of words.

Online sales

Are you planning on selling your device online to consumers? Do you want to make sure that you have a suitable contract in place with your customers, covering your risk and setting out clearly what you'll do, while complying with consumer law?

We can either review and refresh your current terms, or start from scratch and give you a clear, simple set of terms, and explain to you what you need to do to deliver in a way consistent with their legal rights.

Terms of service

If your sextech device includes an app, or a service element, we can work with you to put suitable terms in place.

If you, like us, think that no-one reads terms and conditions and just clicks "okay", we can help you get the information across to your users in a clear, concise and engaging manner, without leaving them feeling like they've been hit by a dictionary.

Development or manufacturing agreements

If you want a third party to develop an app or manufacturer components for you, you'll need to think carefully about what the agreement should cover. Who owns what? Who is responsible for testing? When is delivery due? Get these (and more) closed off properly in a development or manufacturing agreement.

Advertising, competitions, and engaging with bloggers

It's not enough to have a great product. You need to get your name out there, and build interest.

Whether you are thinking of conventional advertising, engaging with the vibrant community of bloggers, or buying online adspace (perhaps with some kind of targeting, such as Facebook's "Custom Audiences" tool), we'll steer you in the right direction.

We can provide advice relating to non-broadcast advertising and consumer competitions, to ensure that your advertising activities are compliant with the various rules and regulations.

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